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Wella - Color Charm Toner T28 Nat Blonde 1oz

door Wella

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Wella - Color Charm Toner T28 Nat Blonde 1oz. Wella Color Charm Toners are ideal to form pure double-process blonde hair color results. These toners take away the remaining "brass" for excellent blondes anytime.
Natural Blonde Permanent Liquid Hair Toner with Economical 1:2 combine Ratio Long-Lasting
Fade Resistant Results with Liquefies Technology Infuses
Hair with vibrant Color Molecules Intense Color & Up To forty-third additional Shine (Compared to Untreated Hair)
Even on Darker Hair Long-Lasting, faithful Tone Color Extra Delicate Toner that is mild To Hair Tones Pre-Lightened Hair Evenly Creating
Delicate reminder Blonde Neutralizing Unwanted heat once Lightening Toning Double-Processed Blondes1.4 oz
Mix Ratio for usage: one part of hair color, a pair of parts developers. Lighter than natural shade.
 1st-time application: Develop for 15 minutes, check, then method up to an extra15 minutes or till color is even. Darker than natural shade, 1st-time application: Develop for a half-hour, check, then method up to further 15 minutes if additional coverage is required.
Some pro tips: You can customize the toner formula by intermixing shades. for instance, if you would like a shade that's in between Associate in Nursing ash tone and a heat tone, stripe mix equal components of T-18 and T-14 with equal components of T-11 or T-35.