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Salon Line - Curls Mango Oil Shampoo 300ml

door Salon Line

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Shampoo traditional S.O.S. with mango oil Salon Line, expert in dry, dehydrated and damaged hair, presents the traditional S.O.S. shampoo with mango oil and keratin for a deep treatment.

This powerful combination gently cleanses and moisturizes hair, restoring shine and lightness.

Cleansing Moisturizer, Sealed Cuticles, Strength, Softness & Intense Clarity, No Frizz, UV Filter - No Salt - No Parabens - Use powerful ingredients daily.

Mango oil rich in vitamins and minerals, the benefits of mango are surprising! With its moisturizing and nourishing effect, it strengthens the hair and provides an intense shine and ultra soft hair. + Keratin.

Excellent for deep hair reconstruction, restoring nutrients that hair loses over time.