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RedOne - Orange Aqua Hair Gel Wax 3x

door RedOne

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Red One Orange Aqua Hair Gel Wax Full Force 150 ml models hair during the day. This gel wax contains the perfect formula to keep your hair looking shiny and well-groomed while it's in model. The wax is easy to comb and does not feel sticky. The hair is easy to re-style, because the wax does not harden. This orange variant has a lovely fresh citrus scent.

  • Models her.
  • max hold.
  • Makes hair look shiny and healthy.
  • Easy to re-style.
  • Don't get hard.
  • Does not stick.
  • Fresh citrus scent.


  1. Apply the wax to the hands.
  2. Divide the wax over towel-dried or dry hair.
  3. Style the hair as desired.