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Pretty Curly Girl - Rose Water Refresh Spray 250ml/9oz


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Refresh your hair with this 100% Rose Water and bring your curls back to life. Rose water has the same PH value as our hair and it has anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • To refresh your hair between washes;
  • To reactivate the styling products:
  • To reduce frizz, add Vitamin A, B3, C and E:
  • To make the hair shine.

Plain water usually contains minerals such as calcium that can build up on your hair and make it brittle. Rose water is distilled and provides softer and fuller hair.

> Rose water can help reduce oily hair and dandruff.

> Rose water is known to be an anti-inflammatory, meaning it can potentially help with scalp conditions. A healthy scalp is important for healthy hair.

How to use?

Step 3: Can be used daily when you want to refresh your hair. Spray on your hair. Do not rinse.


The Rose Water Refresh Spray can also be used to wet your curls before applying styling products.