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Curl Smith - Wash & Scrub Detox Pro-Biotic Shampoo 237ml

door Curl Smith

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Wash & Scrub Detox Pro-Biotic


This is the product to use if your scalp is flaky, itchy or just needs a little TLC. Our Wash & Scrub has been designed with a clarifying cleansing system that will remove all gunk from your scalp without being too drying on your curls. It contains micro-exfoliating particles that will gently unclog your follicles and wash off without leaving any residue or getting stuck in your hair. It is also supercharged with Apple Cider Vinegar, to melt away build-up and leave your curls shiny and revitalized.


All curl types, and even straight hair! Particularly beneficial for people who suffer from flaky, dry or itchy scalp. Suitable for any hair texture or porosity.