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A & M - Black Soap Eucalypt 200g

door A & M

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The soap, which is 100% vegetable, is enriched with Oriental oils, sticks to the skin and prevents unnecessary waste. The Black Soap is liquid and purified and meets the standards of the European cosmetics guidelines. Black soap is obtained from the manufacture of olive oil. The soap is an olive extract. It is suitable for your entire body and can be used in the shower, bath or steam bath. You can also wash your hair with it. Eucalyptus oil has been added to this soap.

Use: Rub the (wet) skin with circular movements and scrub with a peeling or exfoliating glove. The numerous skin flakes are thus released from the skin, while the protective layer of the skin remains intact. The result of the black soap is extraordinary. Without irritating the skin, the black soap removes all impurities, leaving your skin soft, supple and hydrated. After scrubbing, rinse the soap carefully and then rub the body with argan oil.