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Revlon - Conditioning Creme Relaxer (Regular) 15oz

door Revlon

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Realistic care cream, without Super base formula for normal or thick hair (not discoloured or dyed).

  • Softens and conditions hair for softer and smoother results.
  • Does not dry the hair and prevents breakage.
How to use:
  1. Wear protective gloves and apply a relaxant starting at the hardest part or the posterior part of the crown.
  2. Continue the application with 1/4 part from crown to nape and from crown to forehead.
  3. After applying the relaxing cream, start smoothing the area where it was first applied, in the same direction as the application.
  4. Do not exceed the maximum time. Make sure that the cream relaxant does not come into contact with the scalp.
  5. When desired relaxation is desired, rinse hair thoroughly with a strong force of warm water until hair is free of all cream.