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Bounce Curl -Volume EdgeLift Brush


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What It Does 

Introducing our NEW custom-made, patented Volume EdgeLift Brush. The distinctive lateral edges of the Volume EdgeLift Brush have smaller spaces between them, resulting in smaller curl clumps to add more volume. Crafted from bio-based materials and specifically designed to enhance your waves, curls, and coils, the "EdgeLift" design crafted by our founder, Merian, sets this brush apart.

This innovative 5-in-1 brush creates smooth, separated, and volumized small curl clumps while the handle provides precision parting and doubles as a heatless curling tool. Experience the remarkable styling potential of the Volume EdgeLift Brush and elevate your hair game to new heights.

In comparison, our Define EdgeLift Brush creates defined curl clumps due to the larger spaces between the edges. The EdgeLift Brush collection is internationally recognized and has gone viral globally.

Patented in the USA #D1025614 & EU RCD#015036831-0001.

Hair texture and pattern: All. 

Ideal hair length: More than 3 inches/7.6 centimeters. 

Hair goal: Create enhanced volume.

Features and Benefits 

  • Versatile 5-in-1 brush: smooths, separates and volumizes while the handle provides precision parting and doubles as a heatless curling tool. 

  • Narrow side edge design: separates and volumizes curl clumps effectively. 

  • Top edge design: creates less volume and more clumping for bangs, layers, and shorter hair. 

  • Dense vegan boar bristles: provide more separation and smoothing for extra volume and may reduce frizz. 

  • Dense flexible round-tip bristles: enable easy gliding for added volume while minimizing breakage.

  • Hourglass handle: parts hair precisely and multitasks as a heatless curling tool.

  • 4x thicker brush pad: supports long-lasting durability. 

  • Ventilation hole: dries quickly after use and cleaning. 

  • Bio-based PLA base and handle: is biodegradable, eco-friendly, paint-free, and eliminates toxic odors.

  • Patented design: trust this one-of-a-kind design! Others have tried to copy this unique design, but only the original Bounce Curl patented EdgeLift Brush collection will provide these superior benefits.