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Novex - My Little Curls Shampoo 10oz

door Novex
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My Little Curls Shampoo will give that special cleansing touch when it comes to taking care of the most delicate locks. In addition to a shimmering glow and a lot of softness, the Curls Shampoo will leave the -hydrated, deeply nourished and clean.


Children with dry and damaged curls. We recommend the product usage children 3 years old and older


  • Cleanser for Curls

  • Provides Softness

  • Hydrates & Adds shine

  • Infused with Aloe Vera & D-Panthenol

  • | Petrolatum | Silicone | Sulfate FREE


  1. Apply Novex My Little Curls Shampoo to damp hair

  2. Massage gently throughout the hair

  3. Remove excess water

  4. Repeat process, if necessary