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Novex - Powerful Charcoal Shampoo 10.1oz

door Novex

Relieve your hair from the damage and let the freshness in. The best Hair Spa treatment is now available at Novex Hair Care ! Novex Powerful Charcoal Shampoo is enriched with Activated Charcoal that gently penetrates the hair shaft without disrupting the hair natural moisture, also rejuvenating each strand, leaving it hair clean and protected. The Powerful Charcoal collection treats the hair renewing its appearance, recovering from dryness and helping form a protective barrier against pollution. Infused with Fiber Detox : Fiber Detox® is a blend of combines extracts such as seaweed, cucumber, lemon and apple that act in the hair fiber, promoting the removal of heavy metals and other toxins present in atmospheric pollution. Did you know ? The activated charcoal, is a form of pure carbon with great porosity, with properties attributed to its surface, month them, the filtration of impurities dissolved in solution. For being of the vegetal type, in fact the carbon activation occurs in extreme conditions such as elevated temperatures and low oxygen.