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Soft & Precious - Liquid Baby Powder 10oz


Infused Lavender  & Chamomile: Silky smooth, no Messy powders, fresh baby scent. Soft & Precious Liquid Baby Powder is infused  with Lavender and Chamomile while providing the silky smooth protection of a  powder without the dusty, powdery mess of a talc. It goes on wet, but dries  fast, allowing you to experience the absorbing protection of a powder with the  ease of application only felt in a lotion. It will leave you and your baby’s  skin dry and comfortable, while protected against chafing and wetness, leaving  it silky smooth and baby powder fresh.


For Baby: Apply daily  after each diaper change and bath to absorb wetness and give your baby that  comfortable, fresh feeling of dryness without the powder.
For Family: Apply  a generous amount to palm of hand and apply to areas where you wish to remain  dry and protected. use daily and works great for the entire family.