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  1. € 5,75
    Done with boring hair gel or sprays? Now use Bonhair - Hairwax Styling 140 ml for flaunting super soft hair styling. It helps to style your hair no matter the length. It will provide you with non-greasy look for your hairstyle. • This product gives shine in your hair • It also provides volume to your hair • With the use of this product, you can restyle or rearrange your hair. • Provide a healthy look to your hairstyle. • All ingredients used in this product is friendly and it will cause no damage to your hair
  2. € 6,95
    This product provides perfect matt finishing look to your hair styling. Bonhair - Hairwax Matt 140 ml provide flexible hold and shiny texture in your hair. This alcohol-free product provides a long-lasting finish and protects your hair from humidity. After washing your hair take a small amount of this wax in your hands and spread in your hair from bottom to top and make any style that you want in a short time. There is no harsh chemical used in this product so your hair will remain healthy and damage-free. You can use this product daily.
  3. € 9,95
    This product provides flexible hold look in your hair. Bonhair Waxy Hair Gel 500ml helps to provide incredibly voluminous look and structure in your hair. It will add perfect shine in your hair and all ingredients used in this product are friendly so this product causes no damage to your hair. With the help of your fingertips and hairbrush, you can apply this gel in your hair after washing. Thanks to the alcohol-free formula you can wash out this product easily. You can use this product daily without damaging your hair.
  4. € 9,99
    This product is best for your daily hairstyling. Bonhair-Natural Gel 17oz give your hair flexible look with shine. All ingredients used in this product is natural so it will provide you long-lasting look without any allergic or any other kind of reaction. This product blend in your hair without giving you any flaky look. You can also use this product for frizzy hair due to their alcohol-free property it will provide softness in your hair. Take a small amount of this product in your hand and style your hair daily.

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4 Item(s)